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Tax Preparation Services

When it comes to tax preparation not all providers are equal.  If you have just a W-2 and are filing single you want a preparer who is efficient and does not cost you a lot of time or money.  If you are married filing jointly with multiple W-2s and multiple deductions and additional schedules, you need a licensed, professional and knowledgeable tax preparer to make sure all your deductions are correct and that you are not inviting an audit by the IRS.

Neighborhood Accounting and Tax has a Certified Public Accountant on staff.  Your return will be completed by a registered tax preparer.  We have over 40 years of experience preparing income tax returns.  Our job is to keep you compliant with the IRS and make sure you only pay what you need to pay. 

If you have not filed in awhile we can help find a solution for that as well.

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