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Individual Tax Preparation

Each year there are changes to the tax codes.  In addition, most of us see fluctuations in our earnings, withholding, as well as cost of living and there may be large expenses like buying a house, moving, or purchasing a car.  All of these can influence the amount of your individual tax liability.


Neighborhood Accounting and Tax can help you sort through everything that influences your tax liability.  We can even come up with a plan to help you minimize your tax liability for future tax years.  

If you are a single filer with one W-2 and not enough mortgage interest to itemize, your return is fairly straightforward and should require minimal time to prepare and file.  For most returns like this our fee is $250 plus applicable forms charges.

If you are married filing jointly, with multiple W-2s, multiple itemized deductions, etc., your return is more complicated.  Perhaps you own your own business and you have to file a Schedule C and you need us to make sense of your books.  This is where tax preparation also involves accounting and bookkeeping.  Tax returns like this are not as simple as the single filer with one W-2.  For this return we would charge an hourly rate to complete the return.  Our hourly tax preparation rate is $125.  

Call us for a free tax consultation to explore all your options. 

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